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WC: ???,???
Char 1 x Char 2
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Song: 虎視眈々

Artist: ギガ




bigger version: http://takanehana.tumblr.com/post/67148031655/aqua-terrarium-lyric


Aqua Terrarium

Lyric: Yanagi Nagi

Music: Chiaki Ishikawa

Romanized: Haruno Mizuhime


Atatakai mizu ni oyogu detoritasu

Nagai jikan wo kakete ito wo tsumugi…

dreamsclosed said —
❝ Following you - your voice is really beautiful, i love "magnet (marasy's piano ver.) を歌ってみた【hope×Kuro-G】" I was charmed by your voice in this music, you have an incredible voice. ❞

eep thank you so much ://o omg I rarely check tumblr |’D

I hope I can make other incredible covers in the future ;///; <3


Pardon us for this unscheduled notice between releases, but there is an issue we would like to address right now before it gets out of hand. Something this detailed would usually go under a Read More, but we kindly request everyone to read through this. We’ll try to not make this take too much of…